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Company History

Walser Consulting AG

Walser Consulting AG was founded in 1971 by Ulrich Walser with the aim of creating a neutral, independent insurance brokerage house and consultancy that would be in charge of its clients’ comprehensive insurance coverage and act on their behalf vis-à-vis insurance companies. As a member of the Euribron network since 1995, Walser Consulting AG represents Switzerland’s interests within this entity.

Walser Consulting AG: a broker for municipalities

In the last few years, Walser Consulting AG has specialised in the assistance of one of its main segments: cities, municipalities and other public authorities. Extensive knowhow acquired in this field enables us to support a significant number of public institutions throughout German-speaking Switzerland.

Walser Vorsorge AG

In 1984, Walser Consulting AG began to offer pension fund services to its clients. This line of business showed a positive development and was therefore assigned to Walser Vorsorge AG, a company created in 1994 by Ulrich Walser. Operating under the same business purpose, Union Treuhand AG was taken over by Walser Vorsorge AG in 2002. One of its main businesses is the administration of the independent collective foundation UGZ Unabhängige Gemeinschaftsstiftung Zürich.

Walser Vorsorge AG Walser Consulting AG